Our Services

Yes, the large studio space on Livingston campus is available to rent. This studio is located inside the Rutgers iTV Studio building at 14 Berrue Circle in Piscataway on the Livingston campus.  Please contact us regarding availability.

We do not offer equipment rentals; however, a technician can be hired to provide and operate specific equipment, e.g., lights, audio.  Contact us for assistance.

Yes, although we primarily operate during standard business hours, we often schedule productions outside of these hours. With ample advance notice, we can accommodate shoots and events scheduled during evening hours and on weekends. 

We do not run regularly scheduled tours of our studio spaces. Those interested in using our services or visiting with a student group can contact us to schedule a private consultation and tour.

We are also open to inquires from local K-12 schools interested in hands-on tours or field trips. Contact the student engagement manager to inquire about studio availability.

We are not a captioning services provider, but captioning vendors can be found in Rutgers Cornerstone Marketplace. For more captioning information and resources available to you at Rutgers, click here and watch this video for a quick overview.

For projects we are producing with you, we will work with you to help coordinate the creation of captions for your video.

Note: Content that will be utilized in the Kaltura Mediaspace associated with Canvas will be automatically captioned through the Kaltura system.

Yes, we serve all three Rutgers campuses in addition to performing work on-location across the state and sometimes beyond. However, our base of operations is at RutgersNew Brunswick, and our studios are located on the Livingston and Cook campuses. 

Scarlet Media only operates on the RutgersNew Brunswick campuses currently, except under special circumstances. 

We recommend a minimum of three weeks' notice in advance of an event or desired recording date. For larger projects we recommend a minimum of two months' notice. We will strive to accommodate you, but please note that our production and post-production schedules fill up months in advance. 

Fee-for-service is our payment model. Our team will work with you to develop an estimate that addresses the scope of work for your specific project and your budget. Contact us to get started.

If you are working with our Academic Media team on course content for credit, additional funding options might be available. Instructors and program administrators can contact the Academic Media team directly for more information. 

There are parking lots at both of our locations: Parking Lot #107 at 14 Berrue Circle in Piscataway (Livingston campus) and Parking Lot #83 at 3 Rutgers Plaza in New Brunswick (Cook campus). 

Our parking lots are available to anyone with a valid Rutgers faculty/staff parking permit. If you haven’t purchased a University parking permit and work full time off-campus/off-site, you have the option of purchasing a Daily Pass directly through the Department of Parking and Transportation. If eligible, faculty/staff can use this option up to three times per semester. 

One day parking permits are issued by Media Productions to visitors ONLY (persons with NO affiliation to Rutgers). Visitors need to provide the driver’s name and email address, license plate number and state, and the vehicle make, model, year, and color. 

Please be aware that the parking lots nearest our building are NOT zoned for student parking. Students with Rutgers permits should park in the appropriate student lots on campus. Students parking outside the studio buildings will risk being ticketed.

All our teams primarily use Adobe Creative Studio as provided through the Rutgers University site license.

The Broadcast team also operates an Avid suite at our Livingston location.

Our Policies

Our staff and spaces follow the guidelines set forth by the University.

In accordance with University policy, COVID-19 vaccines and first boosters are required of all Rutgers students and employees who are eligible to receive them. Likewise, University affiliates such as contractors must provide proof of COVID-19 Immunization or provide a negative COVID-19 test.

As of October 1, 2022, face coverings are no longer required in most indoor settings but are welcomed.

If you have concerns or specific requests regarding COVID protocols for your project or recording, please discuss them with our staff. We will always do our best to make sure you are comfortable and safe.

Find more about information about the University’s policies and recommendations at coronavirus.rutgers.edu

Our business office accepts internal POs, external checks and wire transfers. For other forms of payment, please contact us in advance.

For Rutgers Students

Yes, we do support internships through coordinated school or program structures. We have hosted interns in video production and marketing/public relations through the School of Communication and Information. We also have recruited interns through the Institute for Women’s Leadership Scholars Program and the Price Family Fellows Program.

For those looking to build up their Adobe Premiere proficiency can take advantage of on-demand courses available to Rutgers students and employees through LinkedIn LearningAdobe Creative Cloud licenses are also available.

We would also encourage students to get production experience through courses, volunteering to help on student films, and getting involved in clubs.

Our digital badge programs are also designed to provide students with introductory experiences, training and foundational knowledge as well as opportunities to shadow and observe professionals at work.

Strong writing skills--- understanding how to construct an argument or take someone on emotional journey--- are often very transferable to things like script writing, planning interviews, outlining projects and editing. Applying yourself in creative and expository writing courses may serve you well.


Yes, we do have a few federal work study positions available each year. Let us or the student employment office know if you are interested.

Scarlet Media is not a student-run organization. Rather Scarlet Media is the umbrella term for the student engagement programs run by Media Productions by Continuing Studies. Scarlet Media is also the name for the core group of student videographers who provide our student-led videographer services and lead our original content projects.

Currently, our student engagement programs are only for current Rutgers undergraduate students. We are working on developing opportunities for high school students. If you are visiting the Rutgers-New Brunswick campus as a prospective or incoming student, get in touch and we can see if our staff and studios are available for a tour.

Rutgers students can get involved through Scarlet Media which includes our student videography team and other student engagement offerings. Scarlet Media offers employment opportunities to students with some production and editing experience, hiring 1-2 times a year as existing team members graduate.

Our digital badge programs are the best ways to get involved. Participating in a badge program will get you access to training and hands-on experiences creating digital media content and assisting on sets. The badge programs are open to students from all majors.

We also do occasionally host interns to support special projects as well as social media/PR work.

For those seeking employment with Scarlet Media, we are looking for proficiency with Adobe Premiere and familiarity with cameras. We do require applicants to submit portfolio items which can include personal projects, class assignments, photography, freelance work etc. We are hoping to find people who can demonstrate an understanding of composition and putting together a story (fiction or non-fiction--- a lot of what we make is non-fiction or ‘corporate’ style).

It is also important to us that our team members are proactive, organized, responsible, collaborative, supportive of others, professional and engaged in a growth mindset. We have strong team spirit and are eager to bring in others who can appreciate and add to our success as a team. 

Those looking for low-stakes jobs that allow them time to mentally disengage, do homework and indulge in social loafing should look elsewhere.

For Rutgers Staff

Yes, we are internal suppliers. Cornerstone information is included on our invoices or can be provided upon request.

No, we are not part of these centralized communications and marketing units, but we do work with our colleagues from R-Comm, UCM and other media units on collaborations and special projects.

We do support events happening at the Rutgers Student Centers (as well as other locations around campus). However, our services cannot be booked directly through the student center.

In addition, if you want your event recorded, we encourage you to discuss this with student center staff when making your space reservation and planning your event. Adding a video recording or live streaming component to your event may impact things like the room layout, start time of your reservation, and additional technology requests.

We have good working relationships with many of the event staff at the Rutgers students center but as the client you need to communicate your needs to both the student center staff and the video production team. 

For Rutgers Faculty and Instructors

The Academic Media team is made of media professionals with years of experience working with educators and instructional design experts. While some of our staff do have some instructional design training, we are not instructional designers. The good news is that we work closely with Teaching and Learning with Technology. TLT provides instructional design expertise and we encourage you to bring one of their instructional designers in to consult on your course and content creation process.

We encourage you to reach out to Digital Classroom Services DCS or equivalent classroom technologists if you are in Newark or Camden to inquire about class recordings. Some classrooms are optimized for video conferencing and recording and may be equipped to do this for you.

In general, generic lecture recordings are not best practice for online learning. However, we can provide recording support for select class sessions to document a special guest lecture, class activity or similar. Reach out to the Academic Media about your project.

Yes. Contact the Academic Media team to review your video materials and discuss your deadline, requirements, desired deliverables and any associated costs. We can also consult on how to improve your self-recorded videos and recording process.

We know it can be intimidating and overwhelming when you are getting started creating media content for your course. Schedule a consultation with the Academic Media team through our Contact Us form.

While anyone can record content with their own phone, camera, computer etc., working with professionals can significantly enhance the audio and video quality of your content. Content with good quality visuals and audio, formatted and finished by professionals, will remain more evergreen and compatible with technology changes as time goes on and in future iterations of a course are taught.

Additionally, the support of media professionals ensures that the technical tasks of filming and editing are taken care of so that you can focus on conveying your expert knowledge and the learning goals the media content is striving to support.